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Back Extension-Flexion Flexibility Exercise

You need back flexibility for many exercises. Examples are the Bench Press & the Pendlay Row which involve arching of the back. Lack of back flexibility will make it difficult to use a correct technique. Back Extension-Flexions are an easy way to improve your back flexibility. Here’s how to perform them.
Back Extension
Back Extension

Back Extension-Flexion Setup
  • Get on all fours
  • Arms straight, elbows locked
  • Hands & knees shoulder-width apart
  • Hands directly under the shoulders
  • Knees directly under the hips
  • Feet relaxed

Back Flexion
. Bend your back:
  • Curl your head under
  • Squeeze your glutes
  • Round your back
  • Bring your head & pelvis together

Back Extension
. Smoothly transition to arching your back:
  • Look up
  • Chest forward
  • Shoulders back
  • Sway your back down
  • Press the back down using the hips & shoulders

Don’t force extension & flexion. Transit smoothly from one position to the other. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps 3x/week. Your back flexibility will quickly improve.

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