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How to Get a Body Like Brad Pitt in Fight Club has a 10+
page discussion about how to get a body like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.
Some extracts:

    Does anyone know the best way to cut a body like Brad Pitt’s in
Fight Club. I’m have a pretty fit body now but i want that cut look he
has in the movie.

    What type of workout would you do to get the “Pitt” look. I’ve been
trying to get my arms bigger for months and nothing works. My chest is
huge, but my arm size doesn’t match.

    According to this article Brad Pitt’s body fat was around 6% in
Fight Club. I wish it went into detail about his diet. I want to get a
“Fight Club” physique like he had, not necessarily be big and bulky.

    I’d like to have Brad Pitt’s exact build. How much do y’all think
this dude weighs?? 200 lbs? 210?? I’m 6’1″ so I’m wondering how much
weight I’d have to put on

    I think that would be ideal for an ectomorph like me who has it very
 hard to gain weight and so maybe a Brad Pitt body would be a reasonable

    I think it’s at the point were ladies notice and then above that
they start to get intimidated which i dont want.

    I would like to be huge but my genetics wont allow it and i accept
that, or i would have to be hugely dedicated but i dont really have the
time to eat every hour on the hour.

The Fight Club Physique. Brad Pitt weighs 150-160lbs at 6′ in Fight
Club, which makes him a skinny guy. I’m 160lbs at 5’8 and I’m considered
 a light weight. At 6′ you should weigh at least 185lbs.

Brad Pitt lacks leg, traps, back & chest development. His arms & shoulders are disproportionate compared with his forearms & chest.
Think away his arms & shoulders, and Pitt doesn’t even look like he

The Fight Club Workout. You have different genetics than Brad Pitt.
Different muscle shapes, body type, length of bones, etc. Even if you do
 the same sets, reps, exercises & diet as Brad Pitt, you’d still not
 have his body.

Big shoulders give an impression of size: they widen your torso. Pitt
focused on shoulders & arms. No Squats, no Deadlifts, no legs. Only
high rep isolation exercises, building a disproportionate physique.

Self-acceptance. Brad Pitt’s personality in Fight Club is what make
people want to build the same physique. Ironically Fight Club is about
not trying to be what movies, television & ads sell you.

Build your own body. Make people want to be like you, rather than you
wanting to be other people. If you want to impress the ladies, do it by
being comfortable with who you are. People don’t like copycats. They
like what’s scarce.

How to Build Muscle without Getting Bulky. Popular weight lifting myth:
lifting heavy weights will make you bulky. It won’t unless you eat more

    Build Strength. Strength training builds muscle, lowers body fat,
helps you stick to your diet, improves posture, increases
self-confidence, …
    Compound Exercises. Avoid ending up with a disproportionate physique
 by doing full body routines
    Eat Whole Foods. Prepare your own food so you have total control
over ingredients and don’t get fat. Check the 8 nutrition rules.
    Control Calories. Calculate how many calories you need per day using
 the cunningham equation. You won’t get bulky if you don’t overeat

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