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My Experience With Steroids

My Experience With Steroids
My Experience With Steroids

I Never Took Steroids.
 Neither pro-hormones. The only things I used are:
  • Whey
  • Fish oil
  • Tyrosine
  • Multivitamins
  • Anti-oxidants
I didn't even used creatine.

I Started Lifting Weights At 19. 
There were a lot of big guys in the gym I subscribed to. Lots of bouncers. Few women. Hardcore gym they called it. I didn't know it back then but close to all gym goers were using steroids.
I met my first training partner 6 months later. He had been lifting weights for 2,5 years. He didn't use steroids. He trained hard & watched his nutrition. He knew all the bouncers.

Everybody Was Using Steroids. 
I started hearing the stories. Guys telling my training partner he could become even stronger & bigger using steroids. Other guy who gained 7kg in a month using the cycle the other guy sold him.
My training partner was my example. I did what he did. If it worked for him, it would work for me. No steroids. Train hard & eat smart. 2 years later people were coming to me for advice. It had paid off.

Most Make The Same Errors.
 I trained with lots of guys during the last years. Several were steroid (ab)users making the same errors:
  • Their training lacked efficiency.
  • Their nutrition was not what it should be.
  • They weren't training long enough to justify steroid use.
  • They lacked mental endurance which can only be built by training hard.
I can understand someone participating to the World Strongest Man or Tour de France, whose living depends on his performance, using steroids. Especially when competition does. But not if you haven't covered the basics first.

What I Learned. 
Most steroid users don't know what they do. They take one thing after the other without thinking. Here are some stories from people I trained with & who used steroids:
  • Guy went from 60kg to 100kg ripped in less than a year. Benching 140kg. Three years later he had to quit because of heart problems. He's skinny again.
  • Guy took steroids on a regular basis. Girlfriend wants kids. He can't. Low testosterone levels.
  • Guy gained 5-7kg on one cycle. Didn't had the motivation when the cycle was over. Lost all gains during the next weeks.
  • Guy bulked on junk food. Steroids kept him ripped. He built bad eating habits. When he stopped the steroids years later because of health problems "the muscles turned into fat".
Don't play with your health. Know what you're doing.

Building the habit of training hard and eating healthy takes time. But once you have you're on automatic. You don't think about it. You just do it.
You don't get big & strong quick. It takes sacrifice & patience. Attitude. That's what keeps you going. And that's what steroids will never give you.

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