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The 5 Best Strength Training Exercises You Should Do to Build Muscles

Strength Training Exercises
Strength Training Exercises
You have two kind of muscles: those close to your spine & those far from your spine. The muscles close to your spine are the strongest. Those far from your spine are the weakest.
The bulk of your strength training should consist of exercises hitting the muscles close to your spine. These exercises:
  • Stress your body more.
  • Work the small muscles indirectly.
Here are 5 exercises which hit the muscles close to your spine: the 5 best strength training exercises you should do.

1. Squat
. The Squat is number 1 when it comes to lifting weights. No other exercise will hit the muscles close to your spine as hard. Legs, lower back, glutes & core are all being worked when doing the Squat. As variation you can do the Front Squat.

2. Deadlift.
 The Deadlift is king when it comes to lower back strength. It teaches you to keep your spine neutral under a heavy load. The Deadlift works the whole back, legs, arms, traps & grip.

3. Press.
 Pushing strength is trained using pressing exercises. The two main versions are the Bench Press & the Overhead Press. Muscles worked: shoulders, pecs, arms, upperback & core.

4. Power Cleans.
 All sports need power: the ability to accelerate, to explode. The Power Clean develops power. Muscles involved traps, glutes, hamstrings, back & calves.

5. Rows.
 Rows are somewhere in between the Deadlift & the Power Clean. It’s a great movement to train one of your largest muscles: your back. The two main variations are the Bent-over Barbell Row & Pendlay Row.

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