How to Deal with Annoying People at The Gym

Mr.Barely-got-a-six-pack-in-the-gym-talking-shit-24/7-in-the-face got the
nerve to bring me down because I’m not doing certain workouts. I was
tight and try to keep my cool the whole time.

    He talked down the whole 5 rep thing and the 3 days 5×5.
 I finally told him I do what I want to do, and you do what make you
feel good and back off.

    He went off to do Barbell Curls, barely bringing it up. When I was
walking out he was doing Squats at 2 plates on. Not even a Half Squat:
he went down maybe 2 inches.

    People like him keep beginners away from the gym by scaring them
away or letting them be in the gym for hours on end for days and getting
 no results and then quitting.

Commercial Gyms. I don’t have to deal with these kind of situations
anymore since I got my home gym 4 years ago. But I got plenty of
“advice” during the 5 years I worked out in a commercial gym.

    “Deadlifts will kill your lower back”
    “Squatting deep is bad for your knees”
    “Bench Press with a thumbless grip to better isolate your muscles”

My Top 5 Ways to Deal with Annoying People at The Gym. You could use
these tips in other areas of your life too.

    Be Friendly. Keep smiling, no matter what. They stare at you, say
hello. They’ll feel uncomfortable. Do not care about their reaction.
They stare again, ask them how they are. They’ll stop staring.
    Agree. They critique your workouts: ask them why they think you
should do what they say. Tell them you’ll try that and thank them for
the tips. You’ll make them feel good important.
    Ignore. Continue doing what you do. If they come again with tips,
tell them you’re doing your routine now. You don’t want to mix different
 approaches, you’ll try their tips later.
    Set Rules. You like tips, but you don’t like distraction. If they
want to discuss training theories, plenty of time when you’re done. Stay
 friendly, but set your rules from the start. This applies to you too
    Put on Music. Get an Mp3 Player. Put it on while working out.
Pretend you don’t hear people when they talk to you.

How Not to Deal With Annoying People at The Gym. Don’t start arguments,
don’t try to make a point, don’t get aggressive, etc. You’re losing your
 time if they’re close-minded. Put time effort in achieving your

I found these retard tips on a major site while writing this article:

    Talk to the manager and have him/her handle the problem. This isn’t
infant school, solve your problems yourself.
    Glare at them and hope they get the message. Aggressiveness leads to
 more aggressiveness.
    Move to a different part of the gym or leave altogether. Right…

Be friendly & helpful, but don’t care about others. Focus on your
goals. Believe in what you do. Dare to be different. Your results will
show who’s right.