Why Barbells are Better Than Dumbbells

Brian asked about using
 dumbbells on the Beginner Strength Training Program:

“I am in week 4 of my workout and I feel a lot stronger than when I
started. Just want to ask if it is possible to substitute dumbbells for
this workout. Or is there another version for dumbbells?

Due to heavy workload I was thinking I might save time by cutting travel
 time to the gym & working out at home. But dumbbells is all I have
at the moment.”

The Problem with Dumbbells. Dumbbells add a stabilization challenge
& let you work both sides equally in case of muscle imbalances. This
 makes dumbbells great for assistance exercises, but not for main

    Progressive Loading Impossible. The key to building muscle &
strength is progressive loading. Beginners can easily add 2,5kg on the
bar each workout as they’re using both sides. With dumbbells you’re only
 using one side. Systematic increases of 2,5kg lead to stalling sooner.
    No Quality Leg Workout. Dumbbell Lunges, Step-ups & Dumbbell
Squats will never stress your legs as hard as Squats & Deadlifts.
    Time Consuming. I have adjustable dumbbells. Changing the weight on
these takes longer than changing the weight on a barbell. Unless you
have tons of dumbbells, you’ll lose time adding & removing weight

Mixing Work with Strength Training. I understand Brian. My work is also
more important than strength training. Even though my work revolves
around it.

But I don’t see myself quitting strength training soon. I feel weird
when I don’t train for more than a week. I need physical activity after
sitting behind a desk for hours. And I don’t think you’re different than

You’ll lose time travelling to the gym. But you won’t lose more than 5
hours a week, workout time included. Those 5 hours are worth it. One of
the benefits of strength training is better sleep, increasing your
productivity at work.

Strength Training at Home. Training at home saves time. No waiting for
the Squat Rack to get free & no travelling to the gym. Brian has
only dumbbells, so he needs to invest in a barbell. Tons of exercises
you can do with one barbell.

Quality barbells are an investment. They don’t lose value, they increase
 the quality of your workouts & add safety. Buy equipment from a
company that walks the talks, like EliteFTS. It’s founded by competitive

    Barbell. If you have plates, you’ll only need a barbell. EliteFTS
sells quality bars at 190$ including shipping.
    Weight Set. I presume Brian hasn’t 50mm plates at this moment.
300lbs weight sets including barbell & shipping start at 335$ on

If you think this is expensive: you’re only buying this once. This
equipment lasts a lifetime. And if you ever quit strength training you
can always sell it on eBay or Craigslist, it doesn’t lose value