Can You Build Muscle & Lose Fat at the Same Time?

Building Muscle. You
need a caloric surplus to gain weight. And if you’re skinny you’ll want
that weight gain to be muscle. But you can build muscle without gaining
weight too. It comes down to:

    Stress. Strength training stresses your body. Your body adapts to
the stress by growing stronger & building muscle.
    Nutrition. 1g/lbs protein daily at least to build muscle.
Body-weight in lbs x 18kcal daily so your body doesn’t burn muscle for

Losing Fat. I wrote a full guide on how to lose fat fast in the past.
Here’s the short version:

    Burn More. Weight lifting & cardio burn calories. Muscle burn
calories. More muscle means more calories burned, even when at rest.
    Eat Clean. Don’t worry about calories. Quit the junk food, eat clean
 & avoid hunger. Track your body fat weekly using a fat caliper.

Professionals. Bodybuilders play a different game. They cut to drop
below 10% body fat. The lower you want to decrease your body fat, the
more you have to look at the details. And one goal at a time is always

But is not about bodybuilding. is about
building muscle & losing fat while getting stronger. Besides, going
lower than 10% body fat (15% for women) is impractical &

    Impractical. Your body is not made to stay below 10% body fat for
long. Body fat is emergency storage. Trying to get lower for extensive
periods means lots of cardio & counting calories.
    Unnecessary. Picture above: Russian strongman Michael Sidorychev.
You can see his abs although his body fat is above 10%. Why? Because
he’s strong.

 Building Muscle While Losing Fat. Forum has several
examples of readers who built muscle & lost fat without their
body-weight changing. Arms, legs & chest got bigger. Waist got

 You can build muscle while losing fat. Just like you can build muscle
without gaining weight. Or gain weight without gaining fat. Get
stronger, eat healthy. Leave the details to the bodybuilders.