Do You Make This Mistake on The Bench Press?

Feet Up. You have 2
reasons to Bench Press with your feet on the bench, in the air or on the
 leg extension bar:

    Lower Back Pain. Your lower back hurts when your feet are flat on
the floor. Stop avoiding what hurts, work on spinal flexibility:
    Overload. You want to make the Bench Press harder by removing your
legs from the movement.

Feet on The Floor. I recommend to Bench Press with your feet flat on the
 floor. It has 2 benefits over pressing with your feet up.

    Safer. Feet flat on the floor is more stable. Your body isn’t fixed
when pressing with your feet up or on the bench.
    Stronger. You can squeeze your glutes & calves more easily when
your feet are flat on the floor. This makes you stronger.

How to Put Your Feet. The correct foot placement to achieve more
stability & strength on the Bench Press:

    Weight on Heels. Curl your toes up if necessary. Push from the
heels. Squeeze your glutes & calves while pressing the bar up.
    Knees over Feet. Makes it easier to drive from your heels. Put your
shins perpendicular to the floor.
    Wide Stance. Wide is more stable than narrow. Push your knees out.
If it feels uncomfortable, you’re overdoing the foot width.

Feet up feels better because you’re used to do them like that. Change to
 feet flat on the floor. You’ll get used to it after a few weeks.